Korean Seafood Waffle

This is my Korean seafood pancake, but in waffle form! I show you how to make it in the original method, and if you have a waffle iron or a waffle maker at home. I show you how to make an awesome, handheld, seafood pancake that is the ultimate appetizer!

Seafood Carbonara | Japanese Masago Pasta

I show you how to make seafood carbonara. This is a Japanese masago pasta recipe that uses a mix of shrimp, squid and vibrant masago roe. Part Italian, part Japanese this pasta was inspired by a dish from one my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, called Cafe de L’Orangerie. Using that as my base, I gave…

Negitoro & Aburi Tuna

Simple delicious sushi that you can make at home. Negitoro is one of my favourite and being able to make it at home is pretty sweet. It looks difficult, but all you need is some good fish, some rice, green onions, and seaweed. Check out the video recipe after the break.