Musubi Spam Sushi

This is my pumped up Musubi spam sushi. I start mine with a base of homemade teriyaki sauce, and then spice things up (literately) with avocado, eggs, sriracha mayo, green onions, and black sesame.

Pokémon Poke Bowl

Pokemon Poke Bowl is a Hawaiian Ahi Tuna recipe I thought up to celebrate the immense popularity of Pokemon Go. I use various ingredients to represent each starter type!

Seitan Veggie Burger

Start of the new year with a healthy delicious veggie burger. This awesome black bean patty is made with “seitan” which is a special wheat gluten that gives it a satisfying bite to it. Check out the full video recipe after the break!

Negitoro & Aburi Tuna

Simple delicious sushi that you can make at home. Negitoro is one of my favourite and being able to make it at home is pretty sweet. It looks difficult, but all you need is some good fish, some rice, green onions, and seaweed. Check out the video recipe after the break.

Ultimate BLT Sandwich Recipe

A bacon lettuce tomato sandwich is a winning combination. But with some small alterations and you can have an amazing (slightly healthier) BLT sandwich that will make your mouth water. A little bit of mashed avocado and garlic can change a lot about a dish. Check out the video recipe after the break.

Japanese Style Hotdogs

The summer isn’t over yet! I wanted to make some hotdogs at home but didn’t want the plain old one with ketchup and mustard, so instead I went for the ever famous Japadogs that started in Vancouver. Try my version at your next BBQ and wow your guest with the awesome mouthwatering Japanese flavours of…

Chicken Karaage

There are very few things that go better with beer than fried chicken! While the West has a strong hold on chicken wings, the east has it better with their fried chicken thighs (and sometimes the whole bird!) Check out my video on how to make a Japanese style fried chicken that is super simple…


A gourmet poutine just in time for Canada day! Roasted potatoes served with gooey cheese and savoury homemade gravy!