Testing My Tteokgalbi Recipe

Thoughts: I’m still figuring out the kinks for this recipe, but I thought I’d post my progress so far as a way to share. Tteokgalbi is an awesome Korean dish made from beef ribs. You take the meat off the bones, mince them with a sweet and savoury marinade, and grill them over charcoal for…

Korean Seafood Waffle

This is my Korean seafood pancake, but in waffle form! I show you how to make it in the original method, and if you have a waffle iron or a waffle maker at home. I show you how to make an awesome, handheld, seafood pancake that is the ultimate appetizer!

Korean Cheesesteak Sandwich | Bulgogi Sandwich

This is my Korean Cheesesteak Sandwich recipe. I use spicy bulgogi beef, and provolone to make this awesome dish. The idea came to me after I headed to the states for a vacation. I visited this amazing mom and pop (actually it was two brothers) shop that was known for their sandwiches. I was totally…

Jajangmyeon | Korean Noodles

This Korean noodle dish is incredibly popular in Korea. It’s made with a special fermented black bean paste and lots of vegetables. Don’t be put off by the colour though. Jajangmyeon is a delicious salty, sweet, savoury dish that is easy to make! Full recipe and video after the break.