Testing My Tteokgalbi Recipe

Thoughts: I’m still figuring out the kinks for this recipe, but I thought I’d post my progress so far as a way to share. Tteokgalbi is an awesome Korean dish made from beef ribs. You take the meat off the bones, mince them with a sweet and savoury marinade, and grill them over charcoal for…

Breakfast Udon

Taking the simple breakfast burrito and giving it a Japanese twist! An easy warm breakfast that will give you a boost of energy to rock your morning!

Blueberry Egg Tarts

A different twist on the popular dim sum treat! These glossy smooth egg tarts pairs wonderfully with the subtle sweet blueberry filling. Perfect for Mother’s Day

Beef Tataki

A simple side dish for those who like their meat blue. If you love carpaccio, then the Japanese version is going to be perfect for you! This amazing sliced beef is served with a homemade ponzu sauce that only takes minutes to make. Full video recipe after the break.

Seitan Veggie Burger

Start of the new year with a healthy delicious veggie burger. This awesome black bean patty is made with “seitan” which is a special wheat gluten that gives it a satisfying bite to it. Check out the full video recipe after the break!

Takoyaki Recipe

The super popular snack from Japan in your own home! These crispy, gooey, chewy festival balls are incredibly delicious when made right. They do require some special equipment and a lot of practice, but once you have those things down it will be worth the effort. Check out the video to learn how to make…


A fantastic spicy Korean soup that goes perfect for cold rainy days or crazy hot days (it works, I swear).

Ox Tail Stew

A delicious rustic stew that uses ox tail for an amazing texture and flavour. Did I mention that it uses beer?

Crème Fraîche

A french sour cream that is simple to make and great for cooking.

Dutch Baby

This crispy, custard-y dish is a great alternative to morning pancakes and waffles! It’s also super simple to make.

Lemon Thyme Chicken

My attempt at roast chicken ends with a couple of mistakes, but it still turned out delicious! Check out the recipe and video after the break.