Chicken and Waffles | Fried Leftover Chicken

Chicken and waffles are an amazing paring, there is just something about the savoury meat with the sweet waffles that really makes it irresistible. I show you a cool trick on how to fry your leftover chicken/turkey that is super simple and tastes great. This is perfect especially after a Christmas (or Thanksgiving) meal. You’ll…

Miso Chicken | Japanese Roast Chicken

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I thought I’d go make an easy simple chicken recipe for those who don’t want to make a giant turkey. This dish is very simple; all you need are a couple ingredients and some good quality miso paste. You can find the video after the break.

Simple Hunter Style Chicken

Looking for something simple and romantic to make for your significant other? Here’s an easy way to pan fry some chicken along with some tips on how to plate it for the ultimate presentation!

Tinga De Pollo

Decided to make something unique so I went for the an obscure recipe I haven’t seen that much of. What I ended up was an amazing spicy, savory chicken dish that tasted delicious. It is also very easy to make and takes very little time, check out the video to see how to make it.

Chicken Karaage

There are very few things that go better with beer than fried chicken! While the West has a strong hold on chicken wings, the east has it better with their fried chicken thighs (and sometimes the whole bird!) Check out my video on how to make a Japanese style fried chicken that is super simple…

Lemon Thyme Chicken

My attempt at roast chicken ends with a couple of mistakes, but it still turned out delicious! Check out the recipe and video after the break.