Testing My Tteokgalbi Recipe

Thoughts: I’m still figuring out the kinks for this recipe, but I thought I’d post my progress so far as a way to share. Tteokgalbi is an awesome Korean dish made from beef ribs. You take the meat off the bones, mince them with a sweet and savoury marinade, and grill them over charcoal for…

Korean Cheesesteak Sandwich | Bulgogi Sandwich

This is my Korean Cheesesteak Sandwich recipe. I use spicy bulgogi beef, and provolone to make this awesome dish. The idea came to me after I headed to the states for a vacation. I visited this amazing mom and pop (actually it was two brothers) shop that was known for their sandwiches. I was totally…

Beef Tataki

A simple side dish for those who like their meat blue. If you love carpaccio, then the Japanese version is going to be perfect for you! This amazing sliced beef is served with a homemade ponzu sauce that only takes minutes to make. Full video recipe after the break.

Tteok Galbi Attempt

This is actually my second attempt at this popular Korean dish. The first time I made this I was so hungry that I ended up eating the whole thing before I realized I didn’t take any pictures. So let this be a lesson, if you’re cooking something you want to blog about, don’t do it…

Ox Tail Stew

A delicious rustic stew that uses ox tail for an amazing texture and flavour. Did I mention that it uses beer?