Pineapple Bolo Bao

Did you know pineapple buns are only called that because of the way it looks? There isn’t any pineapple flavour in them. Well until now that is.

Tomato Basil Focaccia

A interesting twist on the delicious flavourful bread! This one is a great side and will get people coming back for more. Check out the video recipe after the break.

Salted Oat Fudge Bar

These were my favourite item from Starbuck’s pastry case. The gooey fudge with the oats were a nice combination with a nice hot cup of coffee. But I’ve haven’t gone there as much now, so I don’t get to eat these anymore. So I thought instead of buying them I’ll go make some of my…

Rose Apple Pie

I wanted to make a pie, but didn’t want to make a normal one. The result is something that looks super impressive, but does not take that much work to make. This is a sure win if you’re trying to impress someone, or if you want show off your super amazing baking skill at a…