Coconut Tapioca Pudding

A delicious simple Chinese dessert made with coconut milk, tapioca, and soft taro chunks. This delicious recipe can be eaten warm or cold, making this a perfect paring for any meal! Recipe video after the break.

Blueberry Egg Tarts

A different twist on the popular dim sum treat! These glossy smooth egg tarts pairs wonderfully with the subtle sweet blueberry filling. Perfect for Mother’s Day

Rice Cooker Pancakes

Super simple and easy to make pancake! All you need is some pancake batter and a rice cooker and you’re ready to own early morning breakfast!

Eggs in a Nest

This isn’t your ordinary morning eggs in a nest. This awesome looking dish is made with delicious fluffy hash browns topped with a perfect oval shaped poached egg. A true Egg in a Nest!

Pineapple Bolo Bao

Did you know pineapple buns are only called that because of the way it looks? There isn’t any pineapple flavour in them. Well until now that is.

Simple Hunter Style Chicken

Looking for something simple and romantic to make for your significant other? Here’s an easy way to pan fry some chicken along with some tips on how to plate it for the ultimate presentation!

Shibuya Lunar Toast

Happy Chinese New Years! Here’s a little something sweet, and monkey themed, to help with the celebration! This recipe only takes 15 minutes and is super simple. Full video recipe is after the break.

Beef Tataki

A simple side dish for those who like their meat blue. If you love carpaccio, then the Japanese version is going to be perfect for you! This amazing sliced beef is served with a homemade ponzu sauce that only takes minutes to make. Full video recipe after the break.

Seitan Veggie Burger

Start of the new year with a healthy delicious veggie burger. This awesome black bean patty is made with “seitan” which is a special wheat gluten that gives it a satisfying bite to it. Check out the full video recipe after the break!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

This rich, creamy, decadent drink is perfect for the upcoming holidays. A little sprinkle of salt and some caramel drizzle makes this amazingly delicious. Check out the full video recipe after the break.

Rosemary Salt and Vanilla Sugar

This DIY finishing salt and sugar is very simple and is perfect as a gift or stocking stuffer! All you need is some coarse sea salt, fresh rosemary, sugar and vanilla beans. Check out the full video after the break.

Negitoro & Aburi Tuna

Simple delicious sushi that you can make at home. Negitoro is one of my favourite and being able to make it at home is pretty sweet. It looks difficult, but all you need is some good fish, some rice, green onions, and seaweed. Check out the video recipe after the break.