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Modest Motley is a place where I can showcase my portfolio of food, filming, crafts and photography.

My love for cooking and presentation came to me when I was in high school, when my brother and I would have to figure out something for dinner while my parents were working or out of town. This sparked my interest into the culinary world, I started to mess around with new recipes and platting to broaden my knowledge. Obviously I sucked at the beginning, usually taking a couple of hours to cook a simple meal, but by constantly practicing and honing my skills I reached a comfortable level where I can say that I’m fairly proud of my work.

I’m a very hands on type of person, I love using my hands to make things. Similar to cooking, I made a bunch of things while I was in high school and received a lot of praise from my friends. The term DIY is something I relish, growing up with a father who’s a contractor you end up picking up a lot things and that creates a perspective of “I can make that at home.” Continuing with that idea, I try to make whatever inspiration hits me.

Filming was something I always had interest in but never had the courage to delve into. It wasn’t until my last year of high school (huh, I guess everything started there) where I had to make a movie trailer for a non-existing film that allowed me to see what it was like to use a camera to record. Couple years later I traveled with my friends filming our adventures together. Later I edited and posted the videos online to show off the things we’ve done. I had a lot fun putting the videos together that I thought I’d do it as a hobby if I had the chance.

I chose the name “Modest Motley” because since I don’t have professional training, most of my works are just “modest” attempts at the projects. Motley means “an inconsistent mixture” which is what this blog is about. It’s just a jumble of random things that I make and post here, and I hope it is that randomness that piques your interest in this blog.


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