Shibuya Lunar Toast

Happy Chinese New Years! Here’s a little something sweet, and monkey themed, to help with the celebration! This recipe only takes 15 minutes and is super simple. Full video recipe is after the break.

This type of dessert is actually called “shibuya honey toast” and it is a very popular dish you can get in Tokyo. It’s super simple and can be easily modified to fit any occasion or taste buds. For this lunar new year I chose a couple things to fit the year of the monkey.

Of course there was going to be bananas, it would be wrong not to include them. But that wouldn’t be enough, so I chose the mandarin oranges. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of any other reason than they’re always around the lunar new year and that I’ve been told they bring good luck. So lets go with that.

I thought it was a bit boring just to only to have two fruits, So I went for something else that is related to monkeys. I decided on peaches! The reason is because this fruit is connected to a very special monkey that is famous in many Asian countries. Of course I’m talking about Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King!

Wukong was a powerful guardian who can match the gods in strenght and fighting ability. Originally born from a rock, Wukong was an amazing fighter and also a trickster at heart. He was a self proclaimed Heavenly Guardian. The gods didn’t want to recognize the creature so they organized a giant banquet, where they invited everyone except for him. This was pretty much their passive agreesive way of saying screw you.

So when Wukong found out, he retaliated by sneaking into the party and eating all of their “peaches of immortality” giving him eternal life. What follows is a crazy string of stories where in one of them he gets trapped in a mystic kiln, in another he got sucked into a vacuum gourd, and the most famous one was where he escorts an important monk to the west to become a god.

Looking at all of these points, I’d say this dessert is pretty spot on for the upcoming lunar year! I hope you give this a try, and please leave any comments of what you liked, or didn’t like, or what you would like to add to your own honey toast.

One final note! I’ll trying to have me recipes and videos featured on Yummly. If you are interested or have some spare time you can check it out by clicking the Yum button (it looks like -> [Y] ) down below. From there you can see all my work along with a ton of other amazing recipes where you can give your approval by giving them “yums.”


IMG_0255 Edited

1 unsliced bread loaf
1/8 cup melted butter
condensed milk
1 banana
Mandarin oranges
Frozen blueberries
1/8 tsp salt
1/3 cup water
1 tsp corn starch
1/3 Hazelnut chocolate spread
3-6 tsp milk
Vanilla ice cream
Assorted wafer sticks

First grab the frozen blueberries and place them on a small pan with the salt. Place it over low heat and gently stir them until they soften. After mix the corn starch with the water and add it to the blueberries to thicken the sauce. Set aside the cool.

Now onto the bread. Start by slicing a 5 inch piece of bread from the loaf. You will want the end piece. Place the loaf on it’s side with the open side face right, we’re going to make a very specific cut now. This cut allows for the centre of the bread to come out cleanly. To do this you will need to make a cut on the side facing the ceiling. Start 1/2 inch from the closed side of the bread (the part where it’ll be the bottom of the finished product). Then stab the knife 1/2 inch from the top make a cut towards your body till you’re 1/2 inch from the edge. You want the cut to be deep enough, but not so much that the knife hits the cutting board. If this sounds confusing check the video as it does a way better job explaining how to do this.

After you made the first cut, turn the loaf of the bread so the open side is facing up. From here, make a square cut (each cut 1/2 inch from the sides)by stabbing down again. You want it to be deep enough so that it reaches the first cut you made on the side. After, turn the loaf upside down and carefull shake it till the centre comes out. I would highly recommend doing this with a serated knife so that you don’t squish the delicate bread.

Slice the centre into neat squares, and brush them with some melted butter. Don’t forget to brush the “shell” where the centre piece came from. Place the bread on a large pan and bake for 8 mins in a preheated 360F oven.

While you’re waiting we can thin out the hazelnut chocolate spread. All you need to do is whisk the milk and the spread together. Just add 1 tsp of milk at a time so it doens’t get too runny.

Once the bread is done, assemble everything together. Add some hazelnut chocolate on the bottom, banana slices, more chocolate, bread pieces (go for the uglier pieces), drizzled condensed milk, peaches, oranges, 2/3 blueberry sauce, more bread pieces, drizzled condensed milk and chocolate sauce. Place the rest of the fruit on top, a scoop of ice cream at one of the corner, a couple of wafer sticks behind the ice cream, the last bit of blueberry sauce and chocolate drizzle, and finish it with some powdered sugar.



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