Capresse Gin Smash

Went to an amazing restaurant with my friends and tried a delicious drink there. This is my tweaked version of it. Mine tastes very similar to a bloody marry or a Caesar cocktail and would be handy to know if you run out of tomato juice. Full recipe (plus video) after the break.

Had a lot of fun making this one. Probably because of the trial and error, and getting buzzed by the end of it. Like I mentioned before, I went to this awesome local Mexican restaurant and had amazing food as well as a basil smash cocktail. Their version was sweetened with brown sugar and a touch of lemon juice.

I thought I should try to make something similar but with a savory twist to it. Through various tests, I ended with a very simple recipe. Tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, and gin. While making this I thought that if I had some olive oil and mozzarella I would have the ingredients for a delicious caprese salad. This led to the garnish that goes with this drink. The small bocconcini and pitted olives on a skewer helps simulate the flavours of the oil and cheese while giving the drink a nice contrast to clear cocktail.

Some things I tried and liked but left out was the addition of Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce because it tasted too much like a bloody Mary to me. But if that is what you’re looking for then go for it. Give this a try and leave comments on what you think I should add or leave out.


3-4 basil leaves
4-5 cherry tomatoes
1.5 oz gin
1/8 tsp salt
Black pepper
Soda Water
Pitted olives

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and throw them into the cocktail glass, followed by salt and pepper. Give the tomatoes a good muddle to get the juice out and to dissolve the salt. After add the basil leaves and lightly muddle them until you can smell their fragrance.

Top the glass with ice, and add 1.5 oz of Gin. Fill the glass with soda water. Then give everything a good stir before garnishing it with some more fresh basil plus the skewered bocconcini cheese and pitted olives.

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