Ultimate BLT Sandwich Recipe

A bacon lettuce tomato sandwich is a winning combination. But with some small alterations and you can have an amazing (slightly healthier) BLT sandwich that will make your mouth water. A little bit of mashed avocado and garlic can change a lot about a dish. Check out the video recipe after the break.


Who would’ve thought that the simple combination of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes would be so good? Actually, the standard BLT also includes mayonnaise as an important part of the sandwich. It is believed that this sandwich evolved from tea sandwiches served before the 1900’s beside the popular club sandwich.

I do not use mayonnaise in mine, instead I use some mashed avocado with a little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. This combination provides a nice tang along with the creamy texture similar to mayonnaise. So it’s not too big a change in the sandwich beside a little bit of extra green.

Bread can be anything you like. If you’re into whole wheat, go for it! Or if you like the old school sliced white bread, do it! Since this is your sandwich, do whatever makes you happy! I chose sourdough for the size of each slice and the little bit of tang it comes with to help the avocado substitute for mayo.

Same goes for the bacon! You can cook it to whatever doneness you want. I personally like mine a little crispy for the texture. But if you like yours just cooked or crazy crispy then go right on a head. Like the bread, do whatever makes you happy.

I didn’t add that much bacon in the video (wish I did) because I didn’t make that much bacon, and had to save the rest for lunch. But I would highly recommend doubling the amount to really enjoy the sandwich!

Finally, I made this recipe for a good friend of mine who follows me on YouTube. He wants to try making some of my dishes but can’t find one easy enough. So I thought of this one to ease him in. Now he has to make this!


A whole pack of bacon
Sliced sourdough (or whatever bread you like)
2 large tomatoes
2 avocados
1/2 lemon
salt and pepper
1 garlic bulb

Since you’re pretty much just assembling a sandwich it doesn’t really take that much work. Just cook some bacon in the oven at 400F until desired doneness or cook the whole batch in a pan.

Half the avocado, and take out the pit. Scoop the flesh into a bowl then mash it with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Next toast the bread over a hot grill (or a toaster) and rub a raw garlic bulb over the bread while it’s still hot. This will provide an amazing fragrance and flavour.

Assemble the sandwich by spreading the avocado over the bread, placing (at least 5) bacon strips, adding tomatoes and the green lettuce. Tada!

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